The zombie virus is destroying all the males! Girls are the only immune to the virus! Will they save the World from it? You must try hard. The new game Girl’s War Z has come and has a huge number of players already. If you like this apocalyptic theme, you have no fears and are heroically full of adrenaline – this game is just perfect for you. Let’s move on to the specific content of the game in our Girls War Z review down below


How to play it? (gameplay + key features)


Let’s talk about the light theme here and how cute and unique the characters actually are. As you have the first sight on the game’s icon you can see that anime/ manga style of art which looks great here. As the uniforms of the girls, a total anime school girl style. And be sure that those girls are completely ready to battle, standing there fearless and full of energy! In order to use such powerful buff skills, you really need to collect premium-grade characters.

How the battle here actually looks like and what you as a player can expect to see? Well, it has a pretty quick and easy battle. Use guns and tap the Auto Equip Button to make those guns equipped on the most suitable characters. The battle power will show you how the characters could be sorted in the game. Come up with your own deck and give your best, showing how fast you can think and show your true skills.

A great strategy is needed and even the essence as in most of the games. The typical situation will make you think about which weapon to choose in order to defeat the enemy fast. Think fast and smart and make the right choice, no place for mistakes if you wanna be the best. Kill as many zombies as you can at once and don’t let them win you over, you must be stronger than them all!

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This game is free for all Android and iOS devices.

This is a Girl’s War Z : First Impressions video. Kind of an additional thing in our Girls War Z review. We like our readers to be convinced with their own eyes, too, of what they hear from us. See for yourself if you like graphics, gameplay, characters, art and more. It is free for both Android & iOS devices and people worldwide enjoy playing it. It is just so addictive!

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